Even though we are too late to change things for last year, it seems that now is the time that everyone starts to ask about their annual property taxes. Property taxes in the state of Utah can be evaluated and adjusted annual by the county assessor. In other states, this is not the case, but in Utah? Our real estate market impacts our property taxes a great deal, so even if you aren’t thinking of buying or selling, it is important to be in the know!

A few points to consider…Utah is a nondisclosure state. That means as real estate agents we are not releasing your sales information to the public. That includes Zillow which should help to show you why their indications of value or rarely accurate.

In Wasatch County, all homes are considered 2nd homes unless you file for primary residency at the Assessors Office. This is very important and something your real estate agent should make sure you are aware of.

Remember it is important to pay your taxes by November 30. Check your mortgage statement if you have one to make sure they are taken care of, because after 4 years, the county can elect to foreclose on your home.

A great resource for all of your questions about Property Taxes can be found her: https://propertytax.utah.gov/

Take your homeownership seriously and be in the know! I would love to answer any questions you might have in relation to property taxes!

You can see a video here:

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