I am thrilled to be helping you with your referral. Thank you for trusting me. As a real estate agent I have worked with many different types of agents and have learned not only how to be a better agent myself, but also what to look for in other agents that I would want to work with. I have learned that the very best agents, aren’t always the busiest in a community. They aren’t always the ones that have the big teams.

I have seen time and time again clients get lost in the jumble of agents, teams, transaction coordinators, and administrators and finish their transaction feeling overwhelmed and confused. I don’t want that for my clients and I look for agents that focus on providing the same “Make every client feel like my only client” approach. I look for agents involved in their communities, working social media and online marketing consistently, often members of the local chambers, and ultimately smart, honest and ethical agents. I do all of the busy work for to find an agent with no extra hidden fees who will work hard for you! I will never sell your information or use it for anything other than helping to find your referral. This is free of charge to you….no obligation to even use the agent I recommend. I will work out a referral fee on my side, with your agent, if I am able to and think it will still be a great service to you. My clients always come first.

Thank you for trusting me and for the opportunity to provide one more level of service to make sure you are taken care of!

Submit information below if you would like me to help you find a great agent, or to send more information to me to reach our and help you personally!